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The first and only device of its kind to bring together three powerful energies,以独特的组合提供无与伦比的结果,减少停机时间。超出标准分数激光,ALMA杂交机提供无限的选择和最终控制TM使您能够确定治疗的各个方面 - 对于皮肤复兴和瘢痕治疗的全新,从不均匀的概念。



A winning combination

Designed for a wide range of ablative, non-ablative and thermal treatments, Alma HybridTM结合了三个核心能量的力量,从而产生了唯一的协同效果。

CO.2激光- 用于高效,高精度的焦点或分数激光治疗的消融,凝结和热效果的最佳混合。

1570nm laser– a powerful non-ablative modulated fiber laser which creates a thermal effect that promotes new dermis synthesis while leaving the epidermis intact.

IMPACT对于跨表皮递送(TED) - 我们的专利超声技术,其克服了皮肤产生的细胞内液体的力量,通过CO的微观通道通过微型通道递送药物和化妆品。2激光,深入渗入皮肤层以实现增强的结果。


Safe, precise and versatile, HyGridTMgives you the benefit of both the CO2and 1570nm lasers in one applicator, enabling you to custom-program the skin ablation-non ablation ratio in a matrix of the precise proportions required to meet the unique treatment needs of each and every patient.
与激光波长有自己的optimal effect on the skin, side by side, treatments are highly effective, suitable for darker skin types and with a low ablation density that minimizes downtime.


A single platform.A multitude of treatments.
The innovative skin treatment methodology employed by Alma HybridTMencompasses three essential elements: optimal ablation for perfect resurfacing; ultimate deep thermal effect for new collagen synthesis and regeneration of the dermis; and unprecedentedly effective trans epidermal delivery of skin essentials.
Offering complete control of recovery time according to patient needs,三个治疗方法是Alma杂种TM在clude:

Achieve true transformation,
look better, every day!

Hybrid Lift –Super renewal


2次治疗后,由Artzi博士,皮肤科医生和激光专家提供。头部,审美皮肤科中心,Sourasky Medical Center Tel Aviv,以色列

杂交奥斯卡 -疤痕治疗

OScar is the ultimate treatment for the remediation of all types of scar, from acne to trauma to surgical scarring. The success of scar treatment depends on the effective penetration into the dermis layer of the lasers. Thanks to the combination of the CO2and 1570nm laser wavelengths, you can customize different parameters – including penetration depth, width of the coagulation and density – to customize the optimal protocol for each client and the type of scar being treated. Finishing the treatment with Impact, you achieve the optimal penetration of pharmaceuticals and essential products to improve the overall result.

杂交 - 奥斯卡 - 疤痕治疗 - 在照片前后
After 4 treatments, Courtesy of Dr. Ofir Artzi, dermatologist and lasers expert. Head, center of aesthetic dermatology, Sourasky medical center Tel Aviv, Israel

软阶层 -“午餐时间”rejuvenation treatment

SoftLift provides refinement of skin tone, contraction of fine lines and wrinkles and repair of different skin lesions, including acne scars, with virtually no downtime. Creating a significant thermal effect, the powerful, non-ablative modulated fiber 1570nm laser promotes neocollagenesis and regenerates the extracellular matrix that supports the skin cells, while leaving the epidermis itself intact. Safe even for dark skin types (VI), it takes just three or four sessions to improve skin texture, achieve youthful skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and mild wrinkles. The result? A treatment that leaves your skin feeling smooth, with a youthful tone and glow. Safe and comfortable, the treatments are minimally invasive, take only up to 45 minutes and need to be performed only 1-2 times to achieve the desired results.

After 3 treatments, Courtesy of Alma clinic



Our flagship applicator

目的是充分实现习惯的能力TM, Alma has created the highly advanced, automated ProScan scanner. Creating aligned, focused lasing beams in high sequence, the light, ergonomically-designed ProScan has an effect that is at once ablative, coagulative and thermal.
As well as a galvanometric scanning motor and mirrors, ProScan has a cooled tip to enhance treatment safety and patient comfort. Enabling rapid coverage of large surface areas, the applicator offers a range of different scanning shapes and modes for complete customization.


Impact, our patented ultrasound technology, which overcomes the forces of intracellular fluid produced by the skin to deliver pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals trans-epidermally, through the micro-channels created by the CO2激光,


Flexible spot size adjustment, ideal for individual skin tags and lesions
HyLight器可以改变发出激光的大小r spot up to 4mm using a single applicator. This allows physicians to work with larger spot sizes while maintaining work stability during treatment. It is ideal for removing skin tags and other benign skin growths as well as individual pigmented lesions.

HyLight 50


High thermal effect, short downtime, ideal for wrinkles and skin tightening
The Pixel CO2通过DOE(衍射光学元件)向皮肤激光,将光束像素粘贴到49或81像素,产生微烧蚀损坏的同时显微镜柱。能量以带11x11mm斑点尺寸的方形图案递送。
This unique technology approach enables the use of much higher energy levels via longer pulse durations, creating a greater coagulation and thermal effect with minimal ablation and significantly less patient downtime.
The deep thermal effect of the Pixel applicator makes it ideal for skin rejuvenation, treating fin lines and wrinkles.

Pixel applicators 7x7 and 9x9


Non-ablative laser with zero downtime, for skin tightening a handheld microprocessor-controlled laser scanner for char-free ablative procedures that allows for rapid coverage of large areas. It is designed for use in a variety of dermatological, cosmetic and surgical applications. Multiple scanning options are available including square or circle, in a spiral, grid or circumferential pattern as well as straight or curved lines.
Thermotight.optimizes treatment efficacy by providing higher energy output per pixel in shorter pulses for ablative procedures. The galvanometric scanning motor delivers energy more quickly per scanning area than the CO2聚焦涂抹器,用于更快,更高效地覆盖大型表面积。


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Dr Ofir Artzi


Dr Ofir Artzi
Head of the center for aesthetic dermatology – Ichilov

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